Nigerian league politicised, Edo Dep Gov cries out

From Romanus Ugwu, Abuja

The Deputy governor of Edo State, Comrade Philip Shuaibu, has claimed that the Nigerian National League (NNL) is heavily politicised, warning that it is capable of destroying the lower league cadre in the country.

Fielding questions from Sports Writers during the finals of the Ratel Sports Development Foundation pre-season tournament in Abuja last weekend, the former footballer alleged that Bendel Insurance was robbed of promotion ticket last season.

Asked his feeling over the failure of Insurance FC of Benin to gain promotion, he said: “For us in Edo State, we will continue to impress in sports not just football. It was a disappointment for us not to be in the NPFL next season not because we are not strong or that we don’t have a team but we have a political NNL who does not allow football to flow. Bendel Insurance will still remain in NNL not because they are not strong to be in the NPFL.”

Speaking further, he said: “I said that Soname and his Remo Stars had a must qualify deal with the NNL. You could see Remo Stars FC got 10 points, nine goals from the boardroom of the NNL because they must qualify for the Super 8. For me Remo did not qualify for the NPFL, they bought their way through and you can see from the sponsorship deal with the NPFL.”

The award-winning deputy governor charged sports journalists to be up and doing by truly being watchdogs in the Nigerian league, stressing that without such, Remo will corrupt the NPFL same way he corrupted the NNL.

“You sports journalists must save our league. You must put your eyes and searchlights on NPFL, if not Remo will corrupt the NPFL the way they corrupted the NNL and it spell more room for our football.”

He described the Ratel Sports Development Foundation pre-season tournament in Abuja as major breakthrough in women football.

“This is a beautiful tournament, coming from the Betsy Obaseki tournament to this one is actually helping to strengthen our teams and also helping our players to be fit preparatory to the opening of the 2021/22 season that will be starting on December 8.

“Tournaments like this also help clubs to know their areas of weaknesses and also strengthen the team, and also to look for one or two players they can scout for to beef up the team,” he said.

He further stated that he harbours no ill feelings in the defeat of Edo Queens by FC Robo in the final, stressing that it did not make any difference because both teams are Edo teams.

“I was open minded. Edo Queens, FC Robo are all Edo teams, so either way Edo state has won. But nonetheless, Edo Queens defeated FCRobo to take the third place at the Betsy Obaseki tournament in Edo, today FC Robo defeated Edo Queens by same line goal shows both teams are at same level. It is good for our football. But the good news is that Nigerian football will be the great beneficiaries of this,” he said.

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